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Do you know the advantages of playing basketball

2022-06-25 03:17Campus basketball record
Summary: Do you know the advantages of playing basketball6. Promote the function of urinary system. Playing basketball accelerates the blood circulation of the whole body, accelerates metabolism, and eliminate
Do you know the advantages of playing basketball
6. Promote the function of urinary system. Playing basketball accelerates the blood circulation of the whole body, accelerates metabolism, and eliminates harmful wastes in the body by sweating and urinating after supplementing a large amount of water. After cleaning the body, the skin will be more shiny and elastic! ※ Urinary system: the urinary system includes kidney, ureter, bladder and urethraHit me while playing basketball. It looks like bladder pain
I'm afraid it's internal bleeding, because you've been in pain for several days If the urine is yellow Go to the hospital for a urine test You can't tell with the naked eyeToday, when I was playing basketball, I suddenly felt like I had bladder pain, which is like holding back urine
Because you hold your urine, holding your urine for too long will cause bladder pain. For a long time, it may be cystitis or prostatitis, which should be treated in time
After playing basketball, there is an intestines like thing in the bladder, and a testicle is violent
Answer: there are many causes of testicular pain, including orchitis, epididymitis, varicocele, hydrocele, chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, intervertebral disc prolapse, etc. If there is no excessive physical labor, fatigue will occurI played basketball at noon and hit my bladder Pain~
I think it's because you haven't exercised for a long time or because you exercised too much all at once. It's OK to drink some water and have a rest. I used to play basketball. It's OK. You should exercise more, especially before you play basketball! To prevent cramps, etc. It will be all right in two days. Don't worryHit your bladder with your knee while playing basketball
Now you have no pain in urination, and it's normal to hold your urine. That means you don't have any urination problems, and your bladder is normal. 3. Bruises are the phenomenon of blood stasis in our daily life. As long as we hit them, they will certainly occur. They will be removed automatically in about 20 days. You should pay attention not to hit the plane or make loveGet prostatitis, epididymitis and cystitis (both mild) can you exercise violently (sDo you know the advantages of playing basketballuch as playing basketball)
It is not recommended to take strenuous exercise if there is inflammation in the body. Besides, basketball is a very strenuous exercise. Seize the opportunity to treat it. For mild urinary system inflammation, timely treat it and it will soon be good. When it is good, you can play extreme sports
Why is it painful to play basketball after eating
That's the stomach. I suggest you pay attention in the future. Intense exercise after just eating will lead to gastroptosis for a long time. Take a rest for at least one hour
I haven't played for a long time. I played basketball today. How can I feel a little sore in my stomach at night. The bladder
It's all right. Because I haven't been exercising for a long time, it will happen when I play a ball suddenly. Just have a rest
After playing basketball, I feel panting badly. How does urine turn red
Generally speaking, people have severe wheezing after strenuous exercise, which indicates that the person's vital capacity is small, or the person's constitution is relatively poor. And urine redness generally has the following conditions: cystitis. After strenuous exercise, it may cause the inner thigh to compress the bladder, resulting in cystitis
Do you know the advantages of playing basketball

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