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Campus basketball record

A 500 word composition about playing basketball

2022-06-24 07:37Campus basketball record
Summary: Basketball injury composition 500 wordsIn the evening, the afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the earth. My friends and I came to the basketball court to play basketball in this fine weather. W
Basketball injury composition 500 words
In the evening, the afterA 500 word composition about playing basketballglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the earth. My friends and I came to the basketball court to play basketball in this fine weather. We were having fun. The ball passed to the other player's hand. I hurried to grab it. The other player kept moving around with the basketball. Suddenly, he turned and threw to the basket. When I saw it, I hurried to cover it. NoComposition about playing basketball
Playing basketball last night, I went to Shuangliu middle school to play basketball as usual. When I came to the familiar basketball court, I began to shoot. I raised the ball, aimed it at the basketball frame, threw it up with a force, released my hand, and the ball immediately "ran" to the basketball frame like lightning. Ha! No deviation, no deviation, in! At first, there were few peopleA 500 word composition describing basketball players
Wu Di didn't seem very satisfied. He threw again, hit the ball and played cricket; Won the three-step basketball... Do you think Wu Di is a real basketball experA 500 word composition about playing basketballt? If you rewrite it according to your actual situation, you will have 500 words! Oh.. Only for reference, don't be lazy, just think about itA series of verbs for playing basketball
Today, I went to school to play basketball with my friends. My friends are Xiao Ming, Xiao Qing and Wang Gang. I am with Xiao Ming. The game began. Wang Gang served. He passed the ball to Xiaoqing. Xiao Qing is a nerd and doesn't like playing basketball, so the basketball was quickly taken away by Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming just grabbed the ball and passed it to meA 500 word composition about playing basketball
Playing basketball is my favorite sport. As long as I don't play one day, I am always uncomfortable and uneasy. I want to watch the "basketball park" program broadcast on TV every Monday. My favorite is the NBA basketball game. In the NBA basketball game, there are a collection of superstars, and every game is very excitingLife is wonderful because of basketball
In my memory, I have playA 500 word composition about playing basketballed basketball countless times and scored thousands of goals. But I am not satisfied. I want to show myself on the basketball court like a basketball superstar. Once, I played basketball with the top player in the school - "Heiwa". I learned a lot of basketball skills from him
500 words about the original intention of basketball
One of the reasons why I love basketball is that Wei gets different results every time he plays a game, whether Shi wins or loses. Win, I can get experience from it; If I lose, I can learn from Cong. Of course, you should use your brain to play basketball, such as he running and how to break throughBasketball composition 500 words (competition rules, how to play, what are the benefits, introduction to basketball)
In the wonderful performance of slam dunk master, I found thaA 500 word composition about playing basketballt I have deeply loved this sport. I often fantasize about becoming a slam dunk expert. I also throw a ball into the basket, or go to the game and make a series of beautiful basketball moves to make others admire me. I often have an impulse to play basketballA 500 word composition on Basketball Culture and ideology
I like basketball very much. I like this small and round basketball because it often brings the most exciting visual impact to peopleA composition of 500 to 600 words about playing basketball
Play basketball today's big break teacher let us play basketball. All the students in our class were happy, each holding a basketball and running to the playground to play. We came to the playground and were excited to shoot, dribble and pitch... The students were so happy. Here comes the teacher. Let's line up and start shooting
A 500 word composition about playing basketball

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