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Can I play basketball

2022-06-22 20:08Campus basketball record
Summary: Is playing basketball usefulAnd playing basketball is not a one-man sport. It requires teamwork, physical confrontation, dare to challenge and everyone's cooperation. Your good morality on the bask
Is playing basketball useful
And playing basketball is not a one-man sport. It requires teamwork, physical confrontation, dare to challenge and everyone's cooperation. Your good morality on the baCan I play basketballsketball court can make you make many friends. Help you become an open-minded person. Sweating on the basketball court will make your body fully extendedCan women play basketball
Girls can play basketball. Technical attention: because girls' reaction is relatively slow, they should pay attention to training their reaction ability when playing basketball; Learn and master 1~2 breakthrough skills. If girls have good singles ability, it is quite goodI am a boy. I am in junior high school. I am 1.72 meters tall. Can I play basketball
It is suggested that you should take more exercise and diet adjustment at ordinary times, which will also help you grow tall. You should get up early and jog for more than half an hour every day. You should play basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, high jump, rope skipping and other sports at ordinary times. ACan I play basketballt ordinary times, you should eat more foods rich in protein, such as milCan I play basketballk, eggs, bean products, nuts, animal liver, seafood and shrimpHow about playing basketball in the morning
Playing basketball in the morning has both advantages and disadvantages. The best time to play basketball is in the evening, because exercise in the evening is good for your health. Early exercise can lower blood sugar, but it also has its drawbacks. For example, in the morning, when the human body is exercising violently, it can stimulate the sympathetic nerve. This rapid change can make the body produce a series of changesCan I play basketball as a soldier? Can I play every day? When do you usually call? Will there be competitions in the army
A soldier can play basketball. But it is impossible to play basketball every day. In the army, military training is still the main form. Basketball is usually played during break time, such as noon. Basketball matches will be organized in the army, such as military and civilian matches in the garrison and matches with local enterprises and institutionsCan I play basketball at noon
If you have just finished lunch, you are not recommended to play ball, which will affect your gastrointestinal function. If you have the habit of takCan I play basketballing a nap, you are not recommended to play basketball at noon, which will affect your rest. On the contrary, you can play ball, which is conducive to strengthening your bodyCan I play basketball
If you just take basketball as entertainment, I believe everyone can play it. However, if you want to play basketball as entertainment, you should also consider your physical conditions. If you are not tall enough, you will certainly not be able to play professional league games. Generally, you can't play professional league games after 1.75 meters, so it depends on your own conditionsCan boys play basketball at 1.75 meters in China
On the basketball court, I usually choose the guard position, usually the point guard, but generally speaking, the regular game still suffers a lot. The pace may have to be faster, which is an advantage. The disadvantage is that many people of this height are too weak. If they keep up with their strength, they will not suffer a lossZhongyuan energy saving can't play basketball
Yes, you can play regardless of time and place! One person can play a ball all day! In addition, the Zhongyuan Festival is only a traditional festival. We should believe in science and not superstitionCan you play basketball every day while exercising
Professional answer: scientifically speaking, it's better not to. Because basketball is an aerobic exercise, and fitness is an anaerobic exercise. Doing a lot of aerobic exercise during fitness is not conducive to muscle formation. Muscles need enough time to adjust, rest and grow after fitness
Can I play basketball

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