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Play basketball after acupuncture find a TCM clinic

2022-06-23 02:09Campus basketball match
Summary: I twisted my ankle for a long time when playing basketball. Now it's a little swollen. I used acupunctureFind a traditional Chinese medicine clinic and tell him about the situation. It will be all
I twisted my anPlay basketball after acupuncture  find a TCM clinickle for a long time when playing basketball. Now it's a little swollen. I used acupuncture
Find a traditional Chinese medicine clinic and tell him about the situation. It will be all right to remove the congestion by needling the blood tank. Good luckCan I play basketball right after the injection
It should take 20-30 minutes. You should know that if you can't exercise vigorously later, you will feel pain~~~
I like playing basketball, but my knee hurts. When I bend it, I don't dare to exert myself. It has been more than two years. Acupuncture, playing
I was injured. I couldn't jump up for a year and a half. It hurt when I played ball. Later, I ate Chinese medicine! Now, as before, I get up every morning during the recovery period.. Move the knee joint, and then massage the acupoints of the knee joint.. Don't play until you recover
Can you do strenuous exercise after acupuncture
For muscle soreness caused by this reason, you can do some exercises to stretch and lengthen the soreness muscles, or do some massage or acupuncture to alleviate this muscle soreness. Muscle soreness often indicates that your level of exercise is not up to the current amount of exercise. If you stick to it, exercise regularlyI can't play basketball. I sprained my right waist for 2 months. The hospital checked it. Nothing unusual. I also did acupuncture. Now I'm small
The young man should pay attention to it. It may have oppressed the sciatic nerve. It is suggested to adhere to acupuncture treatment. The acupoints are mainly at the waist, dredge the meridians and collaterals, and the leg will not hurt naturally. It usually damages the bladder channels of the foot sun. I can only say that. The specific symptoms are not clearWhen playing basketball, there was a tendon in the bend of the arm After a few months, it didn't get better How to eliminate acupuncture or rubbing
Answer: the tendon bag you mentioned may be a tendon sheath cyst. You can go to the hospital for examination and do a color Doppler ultrasound. If so, you can do a small operation to remove it. Acupuncture can cure but it is easy to relapse. Ankle sprain requires bed rest. Walking activities will affect the repair of ligaments. You can take drugs for relaxing tendons and activating blood circulation orallyLumbar muscle strain. Can you play ball after small needle knife acupuncture for the past two days
It usually takes 4-6 weeks to recover from muscle and ligament injuries. In the first 48 hours after muscle ligament injury, cold compress shall be applied to the injured area, and hot compress, massage and plaster shall be applied 48 hours later. During the period of muscle and ligament injury, it is necessary to rest and never move the injured part. After 4 to 6 weeks of recovery, the exercise load should be gradually increased... I had acupuncture and moxibustion on my fingers before, and then I touched the water, played basketball again, and then
Need infusion to reduce inflammation. For such a long time, the treatment is troublesome. Go for an infusion as soon as possible. Once the inflammation is gone, the swelling will stop. Generally, after acupuncture and moxibustion, rub the eye of the needle, do not move the acupuncture part within 2 days, and do not take a bath. If you are injured outside and your foot is pierced by a nail, you need to go to the hospital to clean up the wound and break the cold prevention needle... I tried acupuncture and moxibustion. I think it's almost done. But after playing basketball yesterday, it hurts again today. I should_ Hundred
Answer: ConPlay basketball after acupuncture  find a TCM clinicdition Analysis: in this case, the sacral cleft is painful after local exercise. You can pay attention to rest, local physiotherapy, and use bone strengthening and analgesic drugs. Observation guidance: it is recommended to have a light diet, strengthen nutrition, and supplement an appropriate amount of calcium. Pay attention to rest, local physical therapy, Xiaotong Plaster, Jiangu Capsule and other drugs
I strained my left ligament when playing basketball. It's been about 100 days. Can you tell me how to treat it with acupuncture
When I was in college, I was also injured in playing basketball ligament. I went to western medicine to see the X-ray film taken, and then I went to the old Chinese medicine for internal and external application plus acupuncture treatment. When I recovered in the later stage, I would have traditional Chinese medicine acupoint massage 3 times a week. It took more than two months to recover. But it depends on your injury. I am seriously injured
Play basketball after acupuncture find a TCM clinic

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