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Playing basketball with a bent nose

2022-06-24 05:11Campus basketball competition
Summary: What should I do if my nose is bent and tilted when playing basketballAnswer: Condition Analysis: nose deviation after trauma will affect the appearance. It is estimated that it is caused by nasal bon
What should I do if my nose is bent and tilted when playing basketball
Answer: Condition Analysis: nose deviation after trauma will affect the appearance. It is estimated that it is caused by nasal bone fracture. Guiding Opinions: go to the otorhinolaryngology Department of the hospital in time for nasal bone X-ray examination or nasal bone CT examination to determine whether there is nasal bone fracture. Nose deviation can be restored to normal shape by reduction of nasal bone fractureHow was nose bumped when playing ball swollen to do
I was hit ten days ago, but I didn't bleed. I hit it at night. I didn't care. The next day, it was swollen. It's much better now. There's no disguising. My suggestion is to look in the mirror and see if the bridge of the nose is deformed. If yes, it may be a fracture. Go to the hospital. The bridge of the nose is fragileIs the other side fully responsible for the broken nose when playing basketball
If the other party commits a foul, it should bear part of the responsibility. As for how to share, it still depends on the fault of both parties and the judgment of the court; We can negotiate firstWhat if I hit my nose when playing basketball
The nose is the most prominent part of the craniofacial region and is also the most vulnerable place. I advise you to go to the hospital and take an X-ray lateral film of nasal bone to confirm whether there is nasal bonePlaying basketball with a bent nose fracture. If there is a fracture without dislocation, it is called alignment and alignment in medicine. It doesn't need treatment at all. It can grow well in a monthPlaying basketball is bumped into nose, how did nosebleed do
Because the capillaries in the nostrils are fragile, it is easy to damage the blood vessels when hitting the nose, and the blood flows out of the nostrils. Once such a situation occurs, go off the court and have a rest immediately. Then, as long as the middle fingers of your two hands hook each other, you can stop bleeding within tens of seconds. Avoid turning your headPlaying basketball with a bent nose back; Avoid pinching two nostrils tightly with your fingersPlaying basketball was hit nose, nosebleed how to do
Hold the temple close to the corner of the eye with one hand, which is the place where the facial blood vessels pass. As long as it is not a nose fracture, it can stop bleeding in a short time. Slightly pour a bottle of water on the back neck or head to stop bleeding
Nose hit a basketball, can you recover
It must be able to recover. One of my classmates hit and misplaced the bridge of his nose when playing ball. Don't worry
Did your nose collapse when you were hit while playing basketball
Oh, No. It's right to protect yourself during puberty, but the nose is naturally strong in fighting, so you don't need to worry about the deformation of the nose, but you should also consider your physical quality and health problems. I wish you progrePlaying basketball with a bent nosess in basketball
My nose was hit while playing basketball
I think it is impossible to deform, because my nose has been bumped many times. After being bumped, my nose will feel very sour and cry, but it will be all right in a few daysPlaying basketball with others unintentionally bumped others' noses. Do you need to pay legal responsibility? Is there any law in this regard
Participants voluntarily participate in such competitive sports activities with certain risks, know or should know thatPlaying basketball with a bent nose it may cause personal damage, and are deemed to be willing to bear the consequences of possible risks, that is, they agree to take risks. Legal analysis in basketball
Playing basketball with a bent nose

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