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Campus basketball competition

Practicing piano and playing basketball

2022-06-28 12:01Campus basketball competition
Summary: Are basketball players suitable for playing the piano? Never fight againPiano is a child's musical instrument. To put it bluntly, it is better to practice from an early age. On the one hand, it is
Are basketball players suitable for playing the piano? Never fight again
Piano is a child's musical instrument. To put it bluntly, it is better to practice from an early age. On the one hand, it is easier to train people's acceptance and coordination abPracticing piano and playing basketballility in childhood. On the other hand, it is also better to train the softness of hands and fingers. You can play basketball if you contact the piano first, but it is more difficult to contact when you are olderWhy can't you play basketball or exercise your muscles when you learn violin
Learning violin can exercise muscles, but basketball is not suitable, because basketball requires fingers to be straight when dribbling and shooting, and the left and right hands of the violin will not have any knuckles without radian at any time, so practicing piano is not suitable for practicing basketball, but to the parallel barsCan't you play the piano and basketball at the same time
There are conflicts ~ people who often play basketball will generally become very big and thick ~ ~ bones will become very hard ~ this is not very suitable for playing the piano again ~ in addition, playing basketball is easy to hurt their fingers, which is inevitable ~ when they are ready, their fingers will inevitably deform ~ their flexibility will also decline, which is an external cause ~ and an internal causeCan a piano player play basketball
Yes, as long as you are interested in basketball, you can play basketball. It can promote metabolism. Playing basketball can vent your troubles when you are in a bad mood. Why can playing basketball vent your troubles? Because playing basketball requires deep concentrationHow busy are management graduate students? Are they free to practice piano and play ball every day
No matter how busy you are, you will find time to exercise yourself, so you will have time to practice boxing and play ball
Does it conflict between learning basketball and playing the piano? Thank you
No conflict! But my view is that it is also wrong. It seems that you guys don't quite understand the real contradiction between these two things. First of all, you have to make sure that you are a girl and what Practicing piano and playing basketballyour major is. I don't thinPracticing piano and playing basketballk a girl who isn't very tall should major in basketball. Piano is really a good choiceIf you play basketball often, will your hands become stiff and affect playing the piano? Is there a professional who can give advice_ Baidu
Pay attention not to cause sports injury when exercising. It is not easy to cure the muscle bruises and sprains of fingers. Wear wrist guards to protect your fingers when playing basketball. However, if you are a professional piano player, it is recommended not to play basketball. It would be a pity in case of injury. I haven't heard of stiff hands. Fingers become more sensitive when they move frequentlyHow to play basketball and violin well
Basketball still needs to play basic skills first. Although practicing the piano is not only about "quantity", but without quantitative change, how can we talk about qualitative change "?! This is what my teacher often tells me. I don't think there is any shortcut to playing the violin. If you have to say one thing, you should practice more, think more and listen moreI like playing basketball, but I also play the piano. What if you are afraid of hurting your fingers
What Practicing piano and playing basketballare you afraid of? I play guitar, play basketball every day, my fingers are broken, and I will continue after I am cured. Don't worry too much about lifeCan a piano player play basketball
Piano and violin players can't train their arm muscles. Neither basketball nor badminton &\9995; The body-building can only be practiced in the chest, and the arm can never be practiced. Playing professional music requires muscle memory, that is, when we practice a song repeatedly, the whole arm will drive the wrist and fingers to produce muscle memory
Practicing piano and playing basketball

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